Our process

Planting our flag in common ground.

When we share vision and values, there’s no limit to the impact we can make together. We start every project with a blank slate and an open mind, so that we can base our exchange of ideas on a mutual understanding of what your audience needs most.

Smitten Labs - Find the sweet spot


Find the oh-so-sweet spot

We start by assessing your goals and painting a picture of what success looks like for your organization. Then we study what motivates your audience and how you can solve their needs. When we discover the areas of overlap, we know it’s go time.


Feel, know, do

We help you occupy both the logical and emotional sides of your audience’s minds. We want them to clearly understand what you do and who you are simultaneously so they feel whole – and ready to take action as a result.

Smitten Labs - Feel, Know, Do


Build the team & make magic

Our roster runs deep with talented and passionate designers, coders, and writers hand-picked by us as go-to resources and loved by us as friends. We’ve got exactly who you need and nothing more – no extra layers of project coordinators, account executives, or creative directors between you and our team. Efficient. Direct. Brilliant. The way good projects should be.


Iterate & support

Just because a project has launched doesn’t mean our work is done. You always want to be the best version of yourself, and we live for the moments when we can find fresh ways in based on new goals or evolving needs. We make our work flexible and intuitive to help you adapt on the fly, giving each project the ability to grow with you over time.

Every good project starts with a conversation.