Alexandria Learning Ecosystem for Educators (ALEE) partnered with us to bring their vision to life for an innovative app for teachers. The app allows teachers to create rigorous lesson plans for books with the guidance of experts. We worked closely with the ALEE founder and her team to form the app, the website, and digital marketing strategies.   

Application Design & Strategy     Digital Marketing     Website Design + Strategy     Website Development


Formulate ALEE’s vision for the application into an engaging UI and UX to bring the app to market. ALEE also needed a technical and creative product manager to work with their app development team to help build the app. Additionally, ALEE needed a team that could design and develop a captivating and effective website that would serve as the face of the brand and centerpiece for their marketing.


In addition to being a one-of-a-kind app for literacy teachers, the app also allows teachers and educators receive support and guidance and feel empowered, resourced, and autonomous in providing the educational experience. The strategy, design, and architecture of the website work hand-in-hand to educate teachers and build a desire for better teaching tools, which could only be fulfilled by ALEE.

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