Toothbrush sanitation is often overlooked, yet the consequences of having bacteria on your brush can be severe. With disease prevention and cleanliness at peak awareness during Covid, the Bril team came to us to tell their story of a small, portable product that kills 99.9% of germs with powerful UV light.

Branding & Identity     Copywriting     Naming     Packaging     Website Design + Strategy


Create a website that effectively communicates the seriousness of toothbrush sterilization in an approachable way. Bril wanted to be seen as a must-have tech product, and needed a design system that was both sleek and friendly.


We named the product Bril – after the brilliance of both the idea and the UV light that zaps bacteria on contact. We also developed a website and digital advertising that further positions Bril as a leader in the science and tech space.

bril - Smitten Labs

Brand ethos

Bril is designed for people who are thoughtful about their family’s health, down to the tiniest detail. Our tagline “Brush Brighter” makes customers feel smart for taking preventative measures while calling to mind a germ-free smile.

bril - Smitten Labs

Package & website design

We designed packaging for Bril that looks right at home next to the phone chargers, screen protectors and other tech accessories you’re already familiar with. Our website effectively presents eye-opening facts about bathroom cleanliness within a design that feels light and fun.

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Digital & social marketing

We had fun with digital marketing that gets specific about the benefits of UV light to clean surfaces from hospitals to space stations. These ads were targeted at young parents and tech enthusiasts, and showcased how Bril can be the perfect on-the-go accessory.

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