Donations to Goodwill become products waiting for a new home. In turn, all of the revenue generated by Goodwill’s sales go toward training and placing people in need of work. Working with Goodwill meant communicating the connectivity between Goodwill’s three part mission.

Advertising     Graphic Design     Out of Home     Video


Communicate the interconnected nature of donations, retail sales, and workforce development. Welcome shoppers to explore the surprise behind thrift shopping and think of Goodwill when retiring your unused belongings.  


We created campaigns for each of Goodwill’s initiatives that were fun, but also told the story behind the stuff. We brought the campaigns to life with TV, print, and outdoor boards. With our support donations and sales grew year over year exponentially. 

Retail Television

For many people shopping is like entering a dream world where they can become whomever or whatever they want. Transformations take place as we imagine ourselves with our new things and what they will help us become. “Woman Wonderland” and “Man Cave” highlight how the immense variety and selection coupled with the low prices at Goodwill make this dream world possible.

Woman Wonderland

Man Cave

Donation Television

There are many reasons people move on in life. With change we grow out of the things from our past. “Teddybear” and “Unicorn” were created to let consumers know that Goodwill understands the changes in life that we all go through and is a good home to those unused things. These spots also emphasize that donating to Goodwill is doing a good thing for you and your community.



Haloween Television

Halloween is the one night when normal rules don’t apply. When the kid in all of us gets that rare chance to be anything he or she wants. It’s also one of the biggest retail opportunities of the year for Goodwill. This campaign paints Goodwill with the true spirit of Halloween and what we can invent with our imagination. Goodwill isn’t a place where you buy a costume; it’s a place to create one.


If it Fits

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