Hootie is the must-carry accessory for women on the move, screeching 130 decibels of distraction to scare off would-be assailants. The Hootie team approached us to develop a brand that conveyed the power of the product and the women who carry it.

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The Hootie team challenged us to create a lifestyle brand around this ultra-utility product. They wanted to show the many uses and many styles of Hootie to help women make a bold statement in safety.


We started with the name. Hootie was chosen to represent the unmistakable sound of owls, nocturnal creatures with a keen sense of awareness about their surroundings. After we developed the brand, we worked on product colors, packaging and a website that told the story of safety from the streets to the trail.

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Brand ethos

Hootie is unafraid to acknowledge the potential dangers women face in their day to day lives. It’s also unafraid to fight back. Our tagline of “Let them hear you” is a confident statement from women who are free, not frightened.

Keyzmo - Smitten Labs
Keyzmo - Smitten Labs
Keyzmo - Smitten Labs

Package & website design

We designed custom packaging, wrote and designed the website that presented Hootie as a fashionable safety accessory. We showcased the various uses for the product and the features that make it a must-carry for personal safety.

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Digital & social marketing

We crafted digital ads that spoke to the benefits of the Hootie. Our ads appeared across multiple social channels, targeted to women of looking for a safety device that matched their fashion.

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