Keyzmo is a 16 function multitool designed to do everything from cutting a fishing line to opening a delivery package. Their team approached us to craft a brand narrative that hit the sweet spot between rugged adventure and everyday application.

Branding & Identity     Copywriting     Digital Marketing     Packaging     Website Design + Strategy


Appeal to our audience’s sense of adventure, however they choose to define it. Keyzmo wanted to tell their story through a website, digital ads and packaging with cohesive messaging.


We named the product, built a website and directed our own product and lifestyle photo shoot to truly capture the spirit of the brand. 

Keyzmo Logo

Brand ethos

We developed the tagline “crafted for the curious” to speak to the thoughtful engineering that went into the product, as well as appeal to those with even the slightest sense of adventure.

Keyzmo - Smitten Labs
Keyzmo - Smitten Labs
Keyzmo - Smitten Labs

Package & website design

Our packaging features thoughtful touches that make this utility tool feel like a premier tech product. On the website, we combined brand storytelling with product specs with demonstrative imagery to show the true values of the product on every page.

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HOVER TAP to see the whole page ↓

HOVER TAP to see the whole page ↓

Digital & social marketing

We crafted digital ads that spoke to the benefits of the product both on the trail and in the home. Our ads appeared across multiple social channels, targeted to adventure enthusiasts and tech junkies.

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