LearningMate creates some of the most innovative software in the ed-tech sector. They needed a website and supporting materials that expressed their impact in schools, corporations, and universities across the globe.

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We needed to design a website that communicated the vast products and offerings of LearningMate. The design needed to support several audiences from around the world looking to LearningMate for technology solutions that improve that state of education. 


The LearningMate site uses bright and hopeful visuals that tell the unique story of how LearningMate approaches solving complex problems. The website also uses a unique design to express the core theory behind LeraningMate’s approach “Where Learning Flows Hope Follows”.

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Digital & traditional marketing

Beyond the website we work with LearningMate to bring attract new customers using both digital and traditional marketing. Our design extend the brand beyond a web browser and meets people on social media, as well at conferences, schools, and in cities all over the world. 

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