LifeStyle Plan

LifeStyle Plan is a service and app that manages all aspects of your personal finances for you. Their personal finance managers and innovative platform give their users the ability to live life with confidence. We worked with their team to craft a brand narrative that appealed to people looking for a personal financial management service that accompanies them every step of the way

Branding & Identity     Copywriting     Digital Marketing     Video     Website Design + Strategy     Website Development


Create an engaging brand, website, and digital marketing that illustrated LifeStyle Plan’s world-class technology, proprietary methods, and exceptional customer service. The website needed to demonstrate the cutting edge nature of the app without downplaying the importance of having a finance pro on your side.

Brand ethos

We developed the LifeStyle Plan brand for people who are trying to make sense of information overload when it comes to personal finance. The brand was created to build trust while still appealing to the desire to have a modern tech driven platform on your side.

LifeStyle Plan

Website design & strategy

The fully-responsive LifeStyle Plan website cuts through the clutter of the personal finance world. We communicate the value of the service using rich graphics and approachable content with just the right amount of detail. We layered this all with animations, video and all the right integrations powering the site to be an effective marketing tool. 

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Promotional video

We wanted to speak to an audience that is looking for more than just advice or DIY when it comes to money. The video speaks in an approachable tone to inspire users to take the next step in getting their financial future on track.

Digital & social marketing

We designed and wrote ads targeted at anyone looking for more than just advice related to managing their money. The ads showcased LifeStyle Plan’s one-of-a-kind solution.

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