Roosevelt Lake Marina

Roosevelt Lake is the largest lake in Arizona, yet is relatively slept on when compared to other louder and more popular spots in the state. We used this to our advantage to craft a dream-like story around “Arizona’s Great Lake,” and positioned the Marina as the place to start your wide open adventure.

Branding & Identity     Copywriting     Graphic Design     Video


Roosevelt Lake Marina challenged us to increase boat slip occupancy and generate awareness around the lake overall.


We expressed the new brand and the position online using video, social posts and email marketing, transforming the Marina’s non-existent brand into one they could tie their boats to.

Promotional videos

We wanted to capture the truths about the lake and marina that only insiders would know, while romanticizing the little things that make Roosevelt unique. These videos present a day at the lake from multiple perspectives, making the experience more aspirational.


Your Lake is Ready

The Neighborhood

Think Like a Fish

The Birds


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