Unite & Renew

Unite & Renew is a coalition of Americans from the center-right and center-left, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents coming together to preserve democracy and promote bipartisanship.

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Expose the dire state of politics in America that incentives and rewards politicians for loyalty to extremists and punishes them for cooperating and getting things done. Present an organization united to create solutions and concrete changes to the system.


We named the organization, crafted the brand identity, designed and built a website all to further the objectives of Unite & Renew. Our work challenged people to step up in the movement and help using their voice and donations.

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Brand ethos

Unite & Renew speaks to people who are from the political left, right, and middle. The brand rallies Americans united in a shared commitment to a functioning democracy and America’s foundational principles.

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Identity & website design

Our identity for Unite & Renew harkens toward action, energy, and patriotism. The brand is built using familiar colors with a modern take to speak to everyone. On the website, we combined storytelling with details that demonstrate the problems and solutions.  

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